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  Living Big In Tiny Spaces? We've Got You Covered    CMI of Texas Now Offers Tiny Home Insurance!    Are you at the place in life where you want to live BIG but in a TINY space?   Do you have your eyes on a cute little cottage house they are now calling – Tiny Homes? READ MORE >>

PET INSURANCE ANNOUNCEMENT  Hey everybody… Skeeter here…  I’m the newest member to the CMI of Texas family.  Yep!  I’m a 100% Jack Russell Terrier and full of energy.  However, I must add…  I already have my human somewhat trained. READ MORE >>

    Many consumers often wonder why their auto insurance rates are so darn high… Some of the reasons are due to specific factors within their control, while others are not. If you are one of the many consumers experiencing steady climbing rates… Let us help you understand what could be the causing this climb! READ MORE >>

 Four Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency Purchasing insurance is a complicated purchase…. It’s not like buying shoes, food, or clothes. You’re purchasing protection for your most valuable assets. Understanding the various options available plays a critical role in making the right choice. READ MORE >>

General Liability Insurance for Construction Contractors Construction contractors often engage in work with lots of risk. Some pour concrete foundations for homes, some install drywall, kitchen cabinets, framing, or even exterior roofs. These jobs require a plethora of knowledge as well as hands on experience to ensure quality, safety, and loss prevention. READ MORE >>

Some parents have the impression it’s counterproductive to purchase life insurance on their child.  They feel in some small way; they are suggesting something bad will happen to their child.  As a parent, I can relate….   However, allow me to put another spin on that thought… READ MORE >>

Having been involved in the insurance industry for over 25 years now, life insurance is still the topic no one really wants to discuss.  No one wants to think of the “what if…”.   If I’m honest, I don’t particularly like to discuss it either. READ MORE >>

  Liability Only or Liability on Steroids? – THE ACTUAL VALUE  We are asked this question on multiple occasions. “Should I drop this vehicle down to liability only or not?” ….. Well the answer is…. It depends!  READ MORE >>

 In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey many people may be asking themselves, "Should I buy flood insurance"?   Some may have the view point, "I made it with over 40 inches of rain and didn’t flood, so why buy now? READ MORE >>

 HB 1774 (Hailstorm Bill)!  With all of the information circling the news and media... We wanted to share some great information provided by the Texas Surplus Lines Association. DO NOT BELIEVE all you hear on social media. Check your sources! READ MORE >>

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